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Alcohol And Drug EvaluationThe goal of an alcohol and drug evaluation is to determine whether or not a person has a dependency or an abuse issue with alcohol or drugs. 

The Madison County Illinois alcohol and evaluation usually includes the following important goals:

1) to aid in the formal diagnosis of an alcohol or drug problem;
2) to establish the severity of the alcohol or drug problem;
3) to guide treatment planning; and 4) to define a baseline of the patient's status, to which his or her future conditions can be compared.

Alcohol And Drug Evaluation Substance Abuse

A variety of methods and assessments can be used to determine a client’s dependence or abuse of alcohol or drugs, including medical examinations, clinical interviews, and formal instruments (questionnaires or tests). Each has specific strengths, and the approaches complement each other as they address the four goals stated above.

At we use a questionnaire developed to screen individuals for substance dependence and substance abuse.  It is used by many organizations including addictions treatment centers, criminal justice programs, hospitals, other health organizations and employee assistance programs.  It has been determined after years of use, that the evaluation tool that we use has a 93% accuracy rate in identifying individuals with substance dependency disorders. 

If you are required to take an Madison County Illinois alcohol or drug evaluation substance abuse, why not cut to the chase and come to  We make it easy for you.  Register for a regular or rushed alcohol evaluation and we will send it to your inbox.  We may require more paperwork from you as we start the evaluation, but once you get all forms back to us we take it from there.  Don’t wait any longer.  If you are struggling with alcohol or drugs and you need a formal evaluation, is the place to come to start the process. 

Alcohol And Drug Evaluation

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