Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

I offer fast, affordable alcohol and drug evaluations in the privacy of your own home. Alcohol and drug evaluation forms are delivered to your in-box; you fill out all of the forms and either email, mail or fax them back to me. I use the most respected alcohol and drug evaluation scales and assessments in the substance abuse industry. You will receive a clear, accurate and fair alcohol and drug evaluation result. Alcohol and drug assessments may include but not limited to: SASSI, MAST, DAST, AUDIT, BADDS, DSM-V, Driver Inventory II and others. Courts and legal systems may have different requirements for your alcohol and drug evaluation and I use all of the most respected evaluation tools in the industry to meet your needs.

Alcohol Evaluation $149.99

Alcohol Evaluation Rushed $199.99

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation $149.99

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Rushed $199.99

Alcohol Evaluation with DUI $179.99

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation With DUI Rushed $229.99

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation With DUI $179.99

Alcohol Evaluation with DUI Rushed $229.99

Marijuana Evaluation $149.00

Marijuana Evaluation Rushed  $199.99

Marijuana Evaluation Driving Under The Influence   $229.00

If you would like a second opinion on a previous alcohol/drug evaluation, I can do that for you. Provide me with all of your records, your previous evaluation and I can give you a unbiased second opinion. $300

I am available for alcohol and drug evaluations 7 days a week and provide professional evaluations in an expedited and timely manner. You can order regular service for your alcohol and drug evaluation as well as expedited rushed service if you waited until the last minute.

I have my doctoral degree in addiction as well as a master’s degree in psychology. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and I have worked with the court/legal system/human resource/state licensing bureaus providing alcohol and drug evaluations, anger evaluations and a variety of online classes for over 15 years offering fair and affordable services.

Most courts and probation departments will require an alcohol and drug evaluation from a licensed psychotherapist or certified addiction professional. Alcohol and drug evaluations are usually required by the legal system for a court requirement, DUI/DWI/OWI, BUI, public intoxication, but we also offer alcohol drug evaluations to anyone interested in self improvement, licensing boards and human resource departments. Or, maybe someone is telling you that you have a substance abuse disorder? You can take the alcohol and drug evaluation as a starting point to determine if you do have an addiction disorder. We can even make suggestions on how to help you take your next steps to recovery.

Alcohol Drug Evaluation

Important to note: This is not an “online” alcohol and drug evaluation. An online evaluation is something that you actually fill out online. You may or may not receive results or know who is on the other end of the screen. We are not that type of service. Once you register for our alcohol and drug evaluation, the materials (same as the in-person evaluations) are sent to you via email, regular mail or fax. Sometimes online services may be rejected because someone thinks that it is administered online or does not have credibility. We have a very high acceptance rate. My services are advertised online, but this is the same exact evaluation you would receive and complete if you did an in-person evaluation. You are just doing this same evaluation in the privacy of your own home and on your own time frame and the report is completed by Dr. Kathy S. Garber. So if you are asked if this is an online evaluation, the answer would be no. You are completing the alcohol drug evaluation with a licensed professional with a doctoral degree in addictions.

Whether going through the court/legal system or just addressing substance abuse concerns of your own or your family’s, an alcohol drug evaluation is a starting point and first step to diagnosis and treatment.